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Applebees LFWL Buy a Square!

Applebees logoThank you to all those who for dined at Applebees and for helping us raise awareness for our foundation, LIVEFIT WITH LUPUS! We are on our way to building an outreach center in the community to help all autoimmune disorders.

  Thank you to Applebees! If you still want to support, click donate! Thank you!

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The QC Barbell Lift 4 Lupus strong man/woman contest



WHAT: Bench Press competition!

WHERE: QC Barbell located at 910 E.Kimberly Road, Davenport

WHEN: Saturday, June 21,  starting at 9AM

WHY: Help us create awareness for all autoimmune diseases & support LIVEFIT With Lupus foundation!!

Prizes, music, food and fun!!
Come lift or come for fun to watch!!
LFWL apparel and QC Barbell apparel for sale!

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Behind the Glitz and Glamour: A Showgirl's Story

By: CBS4 News, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

She's a casino show girl who appears to have won the beauty jackpot.  However, appearances can be deceiving.   We see her winning smile, but the truth is, her life itself was once a gamble, and the odds were not pretty.  She's a show girl at Jumer's Casino.

"It is fun.  It's like you're on the red carpet," said Lisa Lynn Eveleth.  

And she's a champion fitness model.

Lisa said, "For me to get up on stage in a little piece of material didn't seem like anything I would do."

But Lisa is still fighting a battle.

"Sometimes I'm fearful, absolutely.  I wouldn't be human if I wasn't," said Lisa.

It began over 20 years ago.  


Body Transformation: Exercising To Live

Lisa Lynn Eveleth Lisa Lynn Eveleth
AGE 23
72 lbs
AGE 42
100 lbs

Why I Decided To Transform

My story is very different from any transformation story you have read. It's not about losing 100 pounds or recovering from an accident or major trauma. My story is one of surviving and living with an autoimmune disease. I live today and every day of my life with lupus, not knowing what the next day will bring!

Lupus affects more than 1.5 million Americans. It's an autoimmune disease in which the immune system goes into overdrive and attacks the body, leaving it vulnerable to other illnesses. Symptoms of lupus can be very similar to those in other diseases, making it difficult to diagnose.